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SWIL background

Smith Warner International Ltd. was formed in August 1995 shortly after its original directors, David Smith and Philip Warner, had fulfilled their respective roles (Project Manager and Resident Coastal Engineer) on the Barbados Feasibility and Pre-Investment Coastal Conservation Study (1991-1995). (http://www.coastal.gov.bb/pageselect.cfm?page=54). Both saw the need for expertise like theirs in the region, but knew that it had to be expertise with a difference.

The Caribbean is unique – culturally, economically, and geographically. Its islands are dependent on tourism which, in turn, is dependent on the preservation of a healthy environment, especially beaches. However alluring they may be, though, these small islands are also ecologically fragile, and vulnerable to a wide range of threats – both natural and anthropogenic. Recent hurricane seasons have been a poignant reminder of the impacts of these hazards on small island nations such as ours. David Smith and Philip Warner understood this then, and Smith Warner International Ltd. understands it now: in our world, the environment is our top priority.