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Chris Hylton
Chris Hylton
Director of Projects
Raul Fernandez
Raul Fernandez
Director of Business Development
Jamel Banton
Jamel Banton
Managing Director

When we design the solutions that will enable your property and shoreline to weather the storms, you want to know it will be built to the expected standard as it was designed for. Coastal Construction is highly specialized and very few construction firms have adequate expertise to deliver. That’s why we also construct what we design. Our team at Coastal and Marina Development (COMAR) has the proven seasoned knowledge needed for the demanding Caribbean environment.

After many years of construction site supervision and tender evaluation, it was clear that many contractors in the region lacked the expertise to construct our designs the way we needed them to be built: aesthetically pleasing and technically sound. We took this absence in the market as our cue and formed two subsidiary companies, COMAR-Coastal and Marina Development Ltd for projects in Jamaica and CMDB- Coastal Marina Design Build based in St. Lucia for projects across the Caribbean and Latin America. Our companies construct our coastal designs the way we as engineers mean for them to be built. We engage and train project managers and construction supervisors, so we can represent Owners’ interests from design through opening day.

We offer design-build services to clients from the onset. We therefore take projects through the design, approval and construction phases. This approach has proven to be more streamlined, cost effective and reduces the contractual and construction risks to the client.

These include:

  • Beaches
  • Breakwaters
  • Revetments
  • Groynes
  • Nearshore Dredging
  • Sand Nourishment
  • Jetties
  • Marina Basin Excavation

Construction Projects