Danielle Dowding-GoodenCoastal/Environmental Engineer

Areas of expertise
  • Coastal & Marine Engineering
  • Numerical Hydrodynamic Modelling
  • P.Eng Jamaica
  • BSc Civil and Environmental Engineering with a Minor in Urban Planning
  • MSc Coastal and Marine Engineering and Management

Danielle is a Coastal Engineer able to interpret the results of coastal modeling and economic factors to capture the recommendations in reports for owners, development banks and government agencies, so that regulators approve the proposed solutions. Project designs are presented in an easily understandable manner that allow clients to make better informed decisions. Able to manage projects with national policy implications that integrate practicality, regulations, stakeholder goals, coastal engineering processes and impacts and site restrictions. Able to set up, run and interpret complex coastal and hydraulic models. Her registrations and qualifications include: Registered Professional Engineer, Jamaica; BSc Civil and Environmental Engineering (Minor in Urban Planning); MSc Coastal and Marine Engineering and Management.

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