Who We Are

Smith Warner is the largest Caribbean firm specializing in coastal engineering, coastal zone management, marine-related EIA, oceanography, and the construction and supervision of related projects. Since incorporation in 1995, we’ve gained a solid reputation for our use of state-of-the-art technologies balanced by an understanding of the need for regionally appropriate solutions. Our professional team includes local and international postgraduate-trained coastal engineers, graduate engineers, environmental scientists and management specialists.

Our vision is for resilient coasts that enable shoreline and waterfront development for thriving economies, social well-being, and robust ecosystems in a changing climate. We offer ecosystem-based approaches to design. Our approach includes soft and hybrid engineering options to address a changing climate and rising seas.

When the coast is the question, we are the answer!

Why choose us?

We bring to all projects our uniquely Caribbean experience, modern technology and innovative thinking. Our local know-how gives us an edge in developing environmentally appropriate, approvable, buildable solutions. We offer services from planning through to monitoring.

Our mission

We value our motivated and inspired family. We develop and use the best tools based on proven, cutting-edge techniques. We provide solutions for the coastal environment that satisfy the needs of different interests and build resilience. Through care and commitment, we foster community and attract clients and partners who share our vision.

We care because the caribbean is our home.

How we work

  • Shoreline or Coastal Zone Management Planning
  • Climate Change Adaptation
  • Natural Hazard Analysis & Mapping
  • Resort or Recreational Beach Enhancement or Creation
  • Designs for Shoreline Stabilization , Protection or Enhancement
  • Marina Design and layout
  • Outfall Design and Evaluation
  • Dredge Spoil Disposal Optimization
  • Coastal Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Coastal Structure Inspection
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Construction as a Contractor
  • Construction Monitoring and Management
  • Oceanographic Measurements
  • Beach and Shoreline Change Monitoring
  • Ecosystem and Environmental Health Monitoring
How can we help you?

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When the coast is the question, we are the answer…

How can we help you?