Coastal Baseline Studies and Shoreline Management, Belize

The Government of Belize identified the Toledo District/ Punta Gorda Town and Caye Caulker as target investment areas for emerging tourism destinations.


This project enables the development of a defensible, science-based shoreline management plan and corresponding shoreline stabilization and protection solutions driven by holistic consideration of coastal zone and larger stakeholder groups.

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The general project objectives include:

 Design and carry out baseline studies for Caye Caulker and the Toledo District

 Prioritize the coastal area for shoreline stabilization measures, including, where appropriate, ecosystem-based coastal protection, non-structural and soft-engineering measures, as well as
complementary land use planning and management measures (e.g. setbacks), and based upon agreed criteria and stakeholder engagement;

 Prepare designs for shore stabilization investments and specifications for complementary measures;

 Conduct the feasibility analysis of investments in accordance with the requirements of the Bank for public sector financing, including socioeconomic, environmental, financial, and institutional feasibility; and

 Provide support to training and dissemination activities

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