Enhancement at South Friars and South Frigate Bay Beaches, St Kitts

For many years there have been problems of beach erosion on both South Frigate Bay and South Friar’s Bay beaches. To counteract this, beach nourishment was carried out on South Frigate Bay roughly 15 years ago, but the sand was lost over time and this beach as well as the beach at South Friar’s Bay continue to steadily erode.


The status of these beaches is now a great concern for both the locals and tourists who use these beaches for recreational and business purposes.


In 2014 SWI conducted a coastal erosion analysis on South Frigate Bay and South Friar’s Bay and
made recommendations for their recovery.

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In 2019 SWI was contracted to re-evaluate the erosion problem and develop a phased, long-term solution to enhance and improve the resilience of the beach environment along both beaches. Construction has not yet begun.

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