Matelot-Grand Riviere Shoreline Stabilisation Works, Trinidad & Tobago

The north-east coast of Trinidad has experienced erosion at different locations and of different degrees over the years. In response, numerous coastal protection works have been attempted by government agencies as well as private citizens.


The focus has been to protect community assets such as roads, land areas, houses and fishing facilities. Coastal erosion and infrastructural damage has been particularly prevalent on the Paria main road, from Matelot to Madame Peo Point. The Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago intends to arrest the problems associated with coastal erosion along the Paria Main Road.

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Smith Warner (Trinidad and Tobago) Limited was contracted to prepare the final designs for shoreline protection works between Matelot Point and Madame Peo Point, which included: (a) Preparation of detailed designs and bidding documents for the proposed recommendations; (b) Preparation of detailed economic analysis; and (c) Preparation of an Environmental Scoping Report with an Environmental Management Plan.

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