Port Ferdinand Marina, Barbados

Port Ferdinand, Barbados
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At the Retreat Marina, Port Ferdinand, Barbados, SWIL was engaged to:

  • -Provide safe and sheltered entry to and exit from the Retreat Marina for the vessels using this facility, during a variety of current and wind combinations, through the construction of a breakwater and/or prudent realignment of the entrance channel.
  • -Ensure that there is no seiching or excess wave agitation within the marina basin under specific incident wave conditions, either through the construction of a breakwater and/or through the specification of proper internal wall treatments.
  • -Provide a stable entrance channel that will be capable of withstanding swell and boat waves.
  • -Ensure that there is adequate and proper flushing of the marina basin through the application of an appropriate plan layout in conjunction with the natural movement of the tides.
  • -Stabilize the beach immediately to the south of the proposed Retreat Marina entrance, thereby avoiding or minimizing the seasonal cycles of erosion to which it is presently subjected.

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