Shoreline Management Plan for Manzanilla Beach, Trinidad & Tobago

The Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago requires remedial works to arrest the problems associated with coastal erosion and inundation along Manzanilla Beach between Manzanilla Point and Radix Point.


As a precursor to such works, the Coastal Protection Unit contracted SWI to develop a shoreline management plan, inclusive of detailed designs of appropriate coastal protection measures for addressing the ongoing challenges of coastal erosion and inundation along Manzanilla Beach. The objectives of the project are to: (i) Reduce the frequency and severity of coastal erosion and inundation, thereby reducing the risk to lives and preventing damage to public and private properties, and infrastructure; (ii) Reduce losses in the productive sector as a result of impeded traffic and other disruptions; and (iii) Promote economic development and diversification within the study extent. The solutions need to be technically feasible, environmentally sound and economically viable.

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Our scope of work included: (1) review of existing data and collection of additional data where gaps exist. For coastal processes this includes water levels (under normal and extreme conditions), wind speed, waves (height, direction, frequency), current (speed and direction), storm surge, existing drainage regime, sediment transport, shoreline evolution, and erosion and accretion rates; (2) assessment of the Manzanilla coastline between Manzanilla Point and Radix Point; (3) Policy development; (4) Stakeholder engagement; (5) Development of a Shoreline Management Plan; and (6) Preparation of detailed designs inclusive of tender documents.

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