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In 2010, Smith Warner  submitted a proposal to conduct coastal investigations and designs aimed at stabilizing the shoreline and enhancing the beach in the vicinity of the Terrace Restaurant at the Rendezvous Resort. The proposal was approved by the management of the resort and the investigations were conducted by SWIL including the preparation of design options, which were presented in a preliminary design report.


The full scope of works presented in that proposal was not carried out because approval was never given to conduct the detailed engineering or to prepare contract documents for the preferred option. As a result, the shoreline stabilization and beach enhancement works were not executed. In the meantime, the shoreline has continued to exhibit season fluctuations in beach width and has showed signs of erosion over the years following the initial investigations.

In early October 2014, a substantial amount of sand was eroded from the beach resulting in the exposure of the rocks that were buried beneath the sand. Subsequently, the recovery of the shoreline has begun as sand has been accreting back onto the beach. However, this erosion event again highlighted the need for shoreline stabilization in the vicinity of the restaurant and as well as exposing the vulnerability of the shoreline further south to the erosive effects of waves.

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The preliminary designs conducted in 2010 were reviewed and to modified so that a more holistic approach was employed to stabilize and enhance the western shoreline.

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