Storm Surge Mapping for Climate Change and Disaster Mitigation (IDB), Barbados & Jamaica

This project was funded by the Inter-American Development Bank, and administered through CDERA, based in Barbados.


The general objective of this consultancy was to facilitate a process that would assist the Caribbean region in the development of adaptation strategies and capacity needed to deal with the impact of severe weather events anticipated to occur in association with climate change.


Jamaica and Barbados were used as pilot cases for the Caribbean in the preliminary phase of the project. In particular, one community from each of these countries was selected, Portmore in Jamaica and Speightstown in Barbados.

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The project was carried out in two components and its specific focus was on developing the capacity and methodology for incorporating risk analysis into the long-term development strategies of town planners and emergency managers.

Component 1

  •  Storm surge risk assessment pilot projects in Barbados and Jamaica.
  •  Action plans for prevention, preparedness and mitigation measures to the storm surge hazard.
  •  National workshops for the validation of methodologies and plans developed for each pilot countr

Component 2

  •  An adaptation to climate change- storm surge toolkit (technical information package) based on Component 1, and other relevant studies and experiences which consists of:
  •  Criteria and guidelines for sound risk management, tailored to four types of users- town planners,emergency managers, community groups and private sector risk providers.
  •  A regional workshop for the validation of the toolkit to facilitate publication and dissemination throughout the Caribbean region.

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